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General Conditions of Use


These General Conditions of Use have the purpose of regulating the procedures for access and the use of in its entirety (hereinafter referred to as Website), owned by MIFUR Srl.
MIFUR Srl can amend, either in whole or in part, these General Conditions of Use
It is therefore advised to access this section regularly for the most up-to-date General Conditions. In the event of disagreement with the General Conditions of Use, partial or total, please do not access this Website.
These General Conditions of Use are only related to the use of Website and do not apply to other websites consulted by the user through links on the Website.
For any information on privacy and cookies, consult the Website’s Privacy and Cookie Policy.

1.  Privacy and Cookie Policy
In accordance with the legislation concerning the processing of the user’s personal data who use the Website, under Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the measure “Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies” issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority on 8 March 2015, MIFUR Srl asks you to read carefully the Privacy and Cookie Policy on the Website

2.  User Responsibility
The user of the Website is solely responsible for the use of the Website and its content. By way of example but not limited to, the user is solely responsible for:
The communication of information or data which are incorrect, false or relating to third parties, without the latter having given their consent
The retention and correct use of their personal information (log-in details and reserved services), as well as any harmful consequences or prejudice at the expense of MIFUR Srl or third parties as a result of their behaviour

4.  Intellectual Property
Images, videos, documents, designs, logos, brands, domain names, web pages and any other material in any format published on the Website are protected by copyright and/or industrial rights. The proprietor of these rights are MIFUR Srl and any other owners.
It is therefore prohibited to reproduce, use or download in any format, either in whole or in part, the aforementioned content without MIFUR Srl’s prior written consent.
MIFUR Srl states that it has authorization to use and reproduce images provided to them, related to products, brands, logos and people and other third-party content on the Website. It also states that it has obtained the guarantee from those entitled of the ownership of such rights and the resulting waiver from any and all responsibility deriving from the use of said images in the event of copyright claims by third parties.
However, MIFUR Srl can remove said content if there is indication and evidence that they violate third-party rights.

5.  Brands and domain names
MIFUR Srl and the proprietors of the brands on the Website have the right to the exclusive use of the brands with respective ownership. Therefore, the User is not authorised to use them without the prior written consent of MIFUR Srl and the proprietors of the brands on the Website.
Any unauthorized and, therefore, unlawful use is expressly prohibited and punished in compliance with the law.

6.  Links to third-party websites
It is possible to connect to other websites via links on the Website Such websites are managed by third parties separate from MIFUR Srl. The user should therefore read and accept the relevant privacy and cookie policies. MIFUR Srl thus accepts no responsibility with regard to the release of personal data to third-party websites.

7.  Link to the Website
Every link to the Website should be authorized in writing in advance by MIFUR Srl. To obtain such authorization, send an email to

8. Website Content.
MIFUR Srl adopts all precautions to ensure that the content of the Website is correct and does not violate the dignity of the people and their rights, though accepts no responsibility with regard to content provided by third parties.
MIFUR Srl is committed to ensuring that the Website is always functioning properly, but cannot guarantee that it will always function and will not experience malfunctions due to Internet connections.
For any problem identified during the use of the Website, please contact the following email address:, as well as your Internet service provider.
These General Conditions of Use are regulated by Italian law.
September 2016

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