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  • As per art. 30 of the general regulation, in the event of the exhibition being cancelled due to circumstances caused by the Covid emergency all fees paid by Exhibitors will be refunded.

    This will also be the case if an exhibitor finds it impossible to take part in the exhibition because they are objectively prevented from doing so by health measures in their country.

    • 填寫PDF申請表
    • With reference to this application request - with the dates 20-23 February 2022, subsequently amended to 13-15 March 2022 - we inform you that when we receive exhibitors' application forms, we will notify you of the new operating dates from the exhibition's general regulations.

    • 技術要求
  • 为何参展

    • 我們挑選了品牌和經驗豐富的買家,我们也是2022年3月的展会
    • 为B2B量身打造的为期四天的展会,带你走过2022-2023秋冬
    • 经常参观米兰时装秀的买手,通常会在展会上签署采购订单。
    • 运用最现代的传播方式我们注重密集的网络营销和在社交软件的宣传。
    • 每个月都将有一封包含参展商产品内容的新闻邮件,发送到有着41.000家采购公司的数据库。


Everyone accessing the trade fair complex and TheOnemilano (exhibitors, visitors, installers, suppliers) must be in possession of a valid GREEN PASS, that is to say one of the following requirements:
• certificate of completion of the vaccination cycle with a vaccine authorized by the EMA in Italian or English (or a certificate of administration of the first dose at least 14 days earlier – valid only within ITALY and the EU, with QR code).
• negative result of a molecular or rapid antigen test performed no more than 48 hours previously (in Italian or English);
• certificate of recovery from Covid-19 within the previous 6 months (in Italian or English).

At the entrances to the trade fair district there will be test hubs where rapid antigen tests will be available, for a fee.

TheOneMilano strongly recommends obtaining the necessary document in advance to avoid waiting at the test hub and speed up access to the fair.

All the measures required by the health authorities for prevention of the spread of Covid-19 will be applied at TheOneMilano
• requirement to wear a face mask at all times while indoors
• social distancing
• control of visitor flows in the pavilion
• hygiene and sanitization

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