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Published on 27 October 2016 in Photogallery

Buyers have said to Mifur and Mipap…

We are happy to have come to Mifur. We have learned a lot and the exchanges made with our colleagues are always interesting and above all, constructive. We are talking about Italians then! We associate the visit with only positive impressions. The diversity of the Buyers present has particularly surprised us. Most importantly the presentation of trends we aspire to achieve. For us here in Belarus, it is fundamental to understand in which direction the market is moving: ours is a very particular and specific market so having an international vision is fundamental.

Olga Podgornaya and Elena Varetilo – Boutique Pervi Mekhovoi – Belarus

We’re at Mipap for the first time and we’re satisfied. The exhibition is well organized, we really liked the set-up of the entrance, as well as the stands that allow Brands to best present themselves. It’s a good offer and we have come upon various interesting garments. We have also found a good mix of products as the most classic products are placed side by side those of young designers.

Mihee Kang – boutique I.D. Look LTD, Korea

This season we focused on blue, adding it to rabbit, mink and fox fur. With these skins we are able to create combinations which are always different versions of the same colour, above all with rex skins that go well together with orylag and chinchilla. In my fashion house I love to be daring and experiment with new combinations, but to attend Mifur and purchase Italian collections is something else. It’s amazing that there are so many possibilities to work with this Country and find Italian and international Brands together, because working is always a great pleasure when you’re in touch with professionals

Iya Yots – Iya Yots Fashion house – Saint Petersburg

The De Santis shops aspire to offer the best of coordination, a combination of products easily managed together. Personally, I love everything that has come out of the patterns, I really like the research and uniqueness of the pieces. For this reason, we bring our clients changes each season; we are careful not to repeat the same items. I believe that stimulating our clients is a must, also because I am constantly in search of a buying experience which helps them express their own personality. They like to be advised and looked after and they love uniqueness so we must make the best for each of them.
I know that Mipap always offers us buyers great opportunities and I expect to see a collection of new products. I’m sure that I’ll find some opportunities and companies with different commercial strategies to the best part of the fashion system. I know the exhibition well and the effort made to make it all functional, I really like the idea that the space is concentrated and not dispersed like in other similar exhibitions. I don’t like not being able to easily access car parking, but this is a problem of Milan…»

Roberto De Santis, proprietor of 5 shops of the same name in Lombardia.

I’m really happy to have taken part in Mifur. It’s easy to fall in love with the Show Exhibitors’ fashion offers: they are unique garments, truly high quality. I hope that Armenia increases its relations very soon with a country like Italy, which offers the best purchasing opportunities.

Araksia Gasparin – Mekhovaia Roskosh, Armenia

Which types of garments are preferred in the boutique?
We have three completely different shops. In the first, you can find evening and formal gowns and elegant clothing. The second shop is for young, casual fashion where we sell trousers, tops, jackets, shirts and skirts. The third is dedicated to plus size items. In the last one, all types of clothes are available: tops, dresses, knitwear and coordinated pieces, a complete range of clothing for curvy women.
What are your clients looking for?
Our clients are looking for casual and chic garments that can also be combined, creating complete outfits. Those who buy from us wish to wear stylish and quality garments.
Which new features would you like to be brought into the boutique?
Our aim is to find trendy collections at MIPAP which enable us to always be one step ahead compared to other shops. We want to take home the recent trends of Made in Italy. We would like to discover new brands able to help the sales in our shops.

Marwan Serbey – Serbey Boutiques, Lebanon

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